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If you are seeking therapy, I think it is safe to assume there are things in your life that are not serving you. These behaviors may range on a spectrum of severity in your day to day life. The women I work with have a desire to live a fuller life and often don't even recognize how some of the day to day symptoms impact them.  It is important to normalize the therapy process for you and help you understand what you may experience outside of the session.
I practice from an attachment lens and believe we all have ruptures in our early foundational relationships. What does this even mean? It means our first relationships in life created a blue print for how we connect with each other, ourselves and manage stress. These ruptures vary from person to person based on lived experience. I am a trauma therapist that also draws from other modalities  such as ACT, CBT, DBT,  Mindfulness, Person Centered  and psychodynamic therapy. 


Individual therapy for you

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become. 
Carl Jung 

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